Who’s Number 1? (Part II)


This week we continue our thoughts on how to find out the purpose we have in life.  As I stated last time, the only way you can find out the reason you were created, and the purpose for which you were created, is to go to the Creator!  We spoke of how life really isn’t about you, but that you were created by God for His purposes.

I also spoke about the best way to consult with God is to read the Bible.  God’s Word, when coupled with the understanding or “illumination” given us by His Holy Spirit, leads us to the truth of why we were created.

Today, I want us to realize the key thing you will discover when you read the Bible is that developing a relationship with Jesus Christ is critical for finding out who you are and for what purpose you exist.  A true, personal relationship with Jesus comes through accepting Him as your Savior and Lord.  The reason I write this article each week is because as a follower of Christ I am compelled to fulfill His command to all believers that we share the “good new” that He lovingly offers forgiveness of sin and eternal life with Him in heaven after we leave this world.  Someone once described the action of sharing about Jesus as being like one beggar telling another where he can find bread to eat. 

I personally came to a saving relationship with Jesus years ago, recognizing that I was a sinner and was in need of God’s forgiveness.  When I asked Jesus to same me from the eternal consequences of my sin and become the Lord of my life, He fulfilled his promise to do that very thing.  Since that day I have known with certainty that I will pass from this life one day right into the eternal home He has prepared there for me.  No doubts – No fear of death!  Just a confidence in the Lord and a peace about the life He has called me to live.

God has a great purpose for your life!  Don’t spend a lifetime trying to guess about the meaning of life.  Let God show you how to live abundantly and eternally, doing exactly what He created you to do.  Remember, it isn’t about you!  It is all about Him!