Finding Your Reason For Living


One of the most basic questions of life is, “Why am I here?”  We sometimes look at our lives and we look at the world around us, and we wonder what it is we were place on this earth to do.  Life often seems so meaningless.  Our lives just don’t make a lot of sense.  There appears to be no real purpose for our existence.

Is it about “grabbing all the gusto” as one beer company used to proclaim years ago?  Does life revolve around how much “stuff” we can accumulate over a lifetime?  If so, then we are in a pretty pitiful situation.  Life with no real meaning is no life at all!

Where can we go then to discover what life is supposed to be about.  Well, since God is our Creator, it only makes sense that the One who designed each us would also be the One we turn to in order to find out about life.  Colossians 1:16 says, “For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible . . . everything got started in Him, and finds its purpose in Him” (The Message).

      Obviously, this line of thought assumes the existence of God.  This may be an assumption you are not ready to make.  If this is the case then very little of what I say will make sense to you.  I won’t try to prove God’s existence, but will merely suggest that you take an honest look at our world, the stars in the sky, even your own body and ask yourself, “Is it easier for me to believe that a divine power created all of this, or should I believe that a spontaneous combustion, out of nothing, started an extremely complex sequence of events that eventually resulted in some protein molecules accidently forming a microscopic lifeform which later managed to crawl out of a swamp, grow arms and legs, and develop a mind like mine?  Personally, I find the latter much harder to believe!

      I you are open to it, I encourage you to do something.  Give God a chance to prove Himself to you.  Simply say, “God, if you exist, please show me something that will convince me You are there!  I have no idea how He would choose to do it nor how quickly, but I believe He will answer your sincere request.  You see, the God I know doesn’t want to remain hidden, He doesn’t want to be a stranger, and He doesn’t want to leave you clueless as to why He created you.  He does want a personal relationship with you, and He wants to show you what He created you to be and do.  Of that I am certain!

My next few posts will continue to deal with this subject of “Why am I here?”.  I hope you will take time to read them.