Who’s Number 1?


A favorite book of mine is The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, Pastor of the Saddleback Community Church in California.  Rick is well known and sometimes referred to as America’s Pastor because of his being called on so often by the media to explain the Christian viewpoint on numerous issues.  The book, in my opinion, may be second only to the Bible as a resource for living and how we are to respond to our Creator.  It has been translated into over 80 languages and sold well more than 30 million copies.  One reason I really like this book is that Rick bases his every point upon Scripture, and he is a master of communicating truth..

Rick begins the book with a four-word statement which packs a real punch: “It’s not about you.”  In my last installment of this blog I referenced Colossians 1:16.  The last sentence of that verse states, “All things were created through Him and for Him” (NKJV).  Not only did God create you, He created you to fulfill His purposes.  To understand your life’s purpose, your reason for existing, you have to begin with God.  It’s not about “finding yourself”,  but it is about finding God and His purpose for you.

You may have noticed that this line of thinking goes against everything the world tries to tell us.  It has drummed into us that life is about Number 1, Numero Uno, Me, Myself, and I.  That’s not even close!  To discover the real purpose of lie is not to focus upon yourself, it is to focus upon the Creator.  If you want to understand the purpose of a particular piece of equipment who do you consult?  You go to the one who made that equipment, the creator of it.  If you want to understand the purpose of your life who should you consult?  Oprah?  Dr. Phil?  NO!  You consult with the One who put you together . . .  your Creator!

What is the best way to consult with God?  Read the Bible.  It is the book which God wrote through inspired individuals He selected, and it gives to us the answers to all our questions about the purpose of life.  Now, in order to get the most out of what you read, let me share with you the most important point about reading the Bible.  It is the job of God’s Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the truth of His Word.  Without His “illumination” we cannot comprehend what we read.  That’s why so many people are frustrated when they try to read the Bible.  It doesn’t make sense because has not yet begun to reveal to them the “mystery” of His Word.  I use this word “mystery” because in numerous places in the New Testament the Scriptures are referred to in this manner.  It isn’t God’s will that His Word remain a mystery to you, but until you come to the Bible with a heart that is open and seeking, He will not cast His light of understanding on what you read.  So, be open and ask God to show you the truth of His Word.

Next time we will continue to look at this thought about who is to be number one in your life.