O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!


Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I have seen the traditional “Peanuts” cartoon “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!” many, many times.  One of my favorite parts of the cartoon deals with the scrawny tree Charlie Brown brings for the Christmas pageant.  It had only a few needles hanging precariously on the branches, and when he set it down those few remaining needles all fell to the stage.  Needless to say, the other characters were not too happy with Charlie’s selection.


The Christmas tree is a major part of our Christmas tradition.  Hear how the Christmas tree originated and what it means to our preparation for receiving the Christ child . . .


In our modern-day celebrations of Christmas, the Christmas tree is the center of the season’s festivities.  Glittering with lights and ornaments, it is a part of the beauty and meaning of Christmas.  The Christmas tree originated in Germany during the 1500’s.  According to legend, Martin Luther wandered into a forest on Christmas Eve and was moved by the beauty of the star-filled sky and its effect upon the fir trees.  Wishing to share this loveliness with his family, Luther cut a tree, brought it indoors, and decorated it with candles to represent the glorious heavens he had seen.  He compared the Christmas tree, with its top pointing to heaven, to hands folded in prayer, pointing to the throne of grace from which we received our Savior.


Is your life brightly reflecting the Light of Heaven, Jesus Christ?  Does it point others to the throne of grace?  Oh, what a wonderful gift we would give to others if we were to witness to the ever-present light we possess because we know Jesus as Lord and Savior!  If you were to help guide another to faith in Christ, your Christmas would have new meaning, and an even greater joy and celebration.