Looking Toward Christmas!

This post marks the second in a series of thoughts concerning Advent, or the season of preparation for the celebration of Christmas.  Does Christmas hold any real meaning for you?  If not, perhaps it’s because you aren’t preparing for it in the right way.  Christmas isn’t just about our giving and receiving gifts, it is about the greatest gift ever given, the Son of God!


The following shares with you the purpose of the Advent Wreath and Candles which are often seen in churches and even in many homes . . .


Of the many symbols we use during the Advent season to prepare our hearts for the celebration of Christ’s birth, the wreath and candles stand at the forefront.  The circle of the wreath is endless, with no beginning and no end, like God Himself. The evergreen also reminds us of God’s eternal nature, and of His everlasting love for us.  It also testifies of the life without end which God promises to us with the coming of the Christ.  The Advent Wreath is a symbol of hope – hope for salvation, hope for a redeemer, hope for eternal life, and hope of God’s everlasting love for us.


Four candles light the wreath, representing the four Sundays of waiting.  Each week of Advent one of the candles is lit in expectation of God’s Messiah.  Three candle are purple, symbolizing the royal line from King David to the Messiah, who comes as the King of kings and Prince of Peace.  The pink candle is to be lit on the fourth Sunday of Advent, and it represents joy.  These four candles encircle the Christ candle, which is pure white.  The candles are lit in a progression symbolizing various aspects of our waiting experience – Prophecy, Preparation, Proclamation, and Rejoicing.  The culmination of the season comes as we light the Christ candle on Christmas Eve, declaring to all mankind that Jesus, God’s Son, is the Light of the World!


Have you experienced the light of knowing Jesus, God’s Son, as your personal Lord and Savior?  My prayer for you is that if you have never received God’s precious gift of forgiveness and salvation through faith in Jesus, that you might make that decision right now to ask Jesus to come into your life so that you might experience the true joy of Christmas!  And if you do know Jesus as Savior, that you might experience a new sense of joy of your salvation, and would commit yourself to life for Him each day as He has called you to do in His Word, the Bible.  Don’t have yourself a merry little Christmas, but have yourself a life-changing, soul-stirring, honking big Christmas this year!