A Matter of Perspective


How has your point of view been determined?  On what do you base your belief system?  What shapes you opinions?

All of us look at our world around us and interpret what we see based upon our most basic beliefs.  This perspective is often referred to as our “worldview.”  We see what goes on in the world and our worldview determines whether we think those things are good or bad, positive or negative.  And that worldview also determines how we will react to everything we encounter.  So you see, it really is a matter of perspective.

Up front I will confess that I hold to what is known as a Biblical Worldview.  My commitment to the Bible as being the Word of God, and my faith in the One revealed to us in that totally unique book, and through His Holy Spirit, has provided me the lens through which I view the world around me.

So, if you choose to read what I write there will likely be some things you will agree with and some which you will not.  That will be determined by your own personal worldview.

My hope is that what I write will challenge you to better understand what you have chosen to base your worldview upon, and if it is not based on the unchanging Word of God, that you might become convinced, like I am convinced, that His Word is truth and serves to guide the believer through life’s journey toward the “abundant life” Jesus promised in John 10:10.

Do you have a copy of God’s Word, the Bible?  If not, I would be glad to send you a Bible at no cost.  Just contact me by email:  ken@centralparkbaptist.org or call Central Park Baptist Church at (256)355-4628, and we will get that out to you so that you can read for yourself the Good News of the Gospel.  Let me suggest that you begin by reading the Gospel of John and then the other gospel account (Matthew, Mark and Luke), before moving on to Acts and beyond.

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Ken Bush

Ken Bush serves as our Minister of Education and Outreach, with responsibilities including church administration, missions and ministries, and senior adults. Ken joined the Central Park staff in 2001 and had previously served churches in Tennessee and Indiana. He is married to Kay, a teacher at Austinville Elementary School, and they have two grown sons, Andrew and Alan.