Are You Alive?

“Why do you seek the living among the dead?  He is not here.  He is risen!”  One this Easter Sunday we celebrate the reality of the announcement of the angel who met the women who had come to prepare Jesus’ body for a proper burial.  The late hour of his death three days before did not allow the Jews time to perform this task before the beginning of Sabbath (sundown on Friday).

Just a brief thought for today . . . how alive are you?  You may be thinking, “I’m as alive as I can be.  My heart is beating, and my lungs are pumping oxygen.”  Sure, you may be physically fine, but what about your spirit?  Are you filled with the life that only Jesus can provide?  Most people today simply go through the motions of life, but don’t experience the abundant life our Lord promises to those who allow Him to live in and through them.  On this very special Lord’s day would you ask Jesus to open your eyes to the life He has ready for you?  Would you pursue a stronger relationship with Him so that you can follow His direction for your life?

I hope that your Easter will be a wonderful day of worship of the risen Lord, and enjoyment with your family.  Our family of faith has so much to be grateful for as we bid farewell to our Pastor, Jackie Kay and his better-half, Libby.  As we shut the door to one era as a church family, we are excited to see what God has in store next for the wonderful people who are Central Park Baptist Church!  Life in Christ is always an adventure that never goes quite as we anticipate but is filled with blessings we never imagined. 

My prayer is that you are more alive than ever before, but not quite as alive as you will be tomorrow.  God’s desire is to empower us, inspire us, and move us more and more, each and every day.