Food Facts

      Hattie and her Dad were traveling west on 565.  Hattie always enjoyed travel a bit more when her father drove, that way she could have a better look at the clouds.  She watched for a minute or so and the cloud pattern didn’t change much.

            “It’s a lobster,” she said.

            By now, her Dad was used to this hobby, so he didn’t have much to say.  She continued, “It has two claws at the top, a body, and then the big lobster tail at the bottom.  It really does look like a lobster.”  She sat quietly for a moment.  Seeing this great configuration, she wondered  where in the Bible it talked about a lobster.  She’d have to get on the Internet when she got home. 

            As soon as she got home, Hattie dialed Beth. “Come on over; bring your Bible and dictionary and thesaurus.  I have a really good cloud this time.”

            Beth joined Hattie at the desk in the den, and they studied what the Bible said about shell fish and other foods.  Hattie remembered her Dad talking about how God protected His people from eating pork which might be infested with worms, or scallops that could cause food poisoning.  And, just the other day she had read where the Pilgrim’s first meal of seafood in Plymouth* made several very sick from eating mussels. 

            Here’s what they found in their own research.   Leviticus 11:12, and Deut. 14:10 - The Bible forbade  ‘…everything in the waters that has NOT fins and scales…’  The Internet** added, lobsters are ‘the vultures of the ocean,’ the clean-up crew; they eat from the bottom.  So, don’t eat lobster. 

            But, then in Acts 10, they read of the vision that Peter had of the sheet filled with all kinds of “animals and reptiles and birds…” A voice said, “Kill and eat.”  Peter had a difficult time with that message because some of these foods were considered unclean.  Then, the voice said, “What God has cleansed, you must not call common.”  

            Beth added, “Science and farming and modern food processing have provided us with cleaner foods nowadays.  I think this illustration was to prepare Peter to witness to the Gentiles.”

            Hattie turned to Mark 7:15, where Jesus said, “There is nothing outside a man which by going into him can defile him; ...since it enters not his heart, but his stomach and so passes on.”  (Thus, He declared all foods clean.)  But, “out of the heart of man come evil thoughts…and they defile a man.” vv.21-23.

            Hattie sat back in her chair “We’re getting away from the lobster cloud.  Do you even like lobster, Beth?” she asked. 

            “I love it …yum, with melted butter and lemon.  Doesn’t sound very healthy, though, after reading about shellfish.  I guess I’ll have to think about this ‘cloud’ of yours, Hattie.”

            “But, the point of the whole law is that God protects us.” said Hattie.

            “You’re right, Hattie.  We should be thanking God for all kinds of His protection.  In so many ways He takes care of us.  That is worthy of praise.” 

            Hattie concluded, “How about steak for tonight?  And, a big turkey dinner is coming up soon.”

*The Honorable Imposter by Gilbert Morris, Bethany House, Minneapolis, 1986, p. 213.                                                       **(