The Fields


            Driving around the countryside, it was intriguing for Hattie and Beth to see the cotton maturing and each day showing more and more white puffs in the fields.  Beth commented that, a couple of Christmases ago she had taken a picture of the fully ripe cotton fields and used it at the top of her Christmas letter to friends with the verse, “the fields are white for harvest.”

            Look at the sky, Beth,” said Hattie.  “It’s the cotton fields.”

            Sure enough; closely knit rows of small puffy clouds.  “It certainly does look like the cotton fields,” said Beth, leaning forward to get a good view out the windshield.  “You now, if those clouds were twice the size it would be a ‘Johnny Appleseed’ sky.”

            “What’s that?” asked Hattie.

            “It’s like a birds’ eye view of the tops of apple trees in full bloom.  Sometimes the clouds are even pinkish.  Pioneer/preacher, John Chapman walked across the mid-west planting apple seeds.  My little cousin dressed up like him for one Halloween with a pot on her head and a black Bible in her hands, and of course the burlap bag of apple seeds slung over her shoulder.  Really cute.”

            “But,” continued Beth, “let me see if I can quote the ‘white fields’ verse.  I taught it to the Mission Kids a few years ago.  “‘Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’?  I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see how the fields are already white for harvest’.” John 4:35 ff.    

*          *          *

            Many of the Samaritans had just believed that this Jesus was the Messiah because of His conversation with the woman at the well.  She had been so excited about Christ’s revelation to her that she left her water pot and ran to tell her neighbors.  Perhaps Jesus was hoping His disciples would see that many more Samaritans, and others, were ready to hear the good news.  He goes on to say that some of His followers tell, some encourage, and some are present when the person believes.  All of those share in the joy of the person’s salvation. 

            Think back to times in your own life when you have shared, or encouraged, or discipled, or actually been the one to pray with the new believer.  Each of us has Spiritual gifts.  All are important:  evangelism, discipling, teaching, faith.  There are fields all around us in Morgan and Lawrence counties; imagine all the crops as people who have never heard the gospel message.  (And, we’ve heard it twice.)  Look around, pray for guidance, be open for opportunities, then share the good news and be blessed.