Praising Through Clouds, #16 Darkness


            Isaiah wrote, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great Light.”  Isa. 9:2.  

            Hattie described the dark clouds to Beth, but you’ll find that now it is really Ellen sharing.  In each of the cardinal directions the clouds layered themselves in various gloomy shades of gray.  Rectangular, flat but overlapping. Now matter which way I looked it was gray and dark and foreboding.  The world is in darkness without the Light of the World, Jesus.  There is no hope.  No matter in which direction I looked there was not even a speck of brightness.

            Lord, I’m praying for the salvation of friends and relatives, especially this Christmas season.  It would be such a gift, if they could truly believe in You.  There is a favorite painting in Keble College Chapel, Oxford.  I like it, “The Light of the World,” because I remember it as a stained glass window in the church where I grew up; I saw the likeness every Sunday.  Jesus standing at the door, knocking.  He has a lantern in His hand, but the rest of the image is shades of darkness.  He waits for someone to open the door, because there is no handle on the outside. 

            When the Holy Spirit touched me, and saved me, years ago, I felt like the inside of my being had gone from darkness to light.  No wonder I like the aspect of God as Light.  And, my name means “light.” 

            There are so many verses about Light. God created light, Gen.1:3; He lights my path,    Psalm 119: 105; nations shall come to the Light, Isa. 60:1&3; the Lord IS my Light, Mic. 7:8; Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World.”  John 8:12.

            Though the skies be foreboding, we need not fear.  Christ is our Light and our salvation. 

            “A light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.” John 1:5.  KJV

            If I may share with you just one Christmas event that remains so special to me.  We used to ask Jesus what He wanted each of us to give Him for a birthday present.  One year He impressed upon me, “Be quiet.”  Oh, good grief, I thought, I’ll have to stop talking.  I had no idea what this meant.  Late on Christmas Eve night, when everyone else had gone to bed, I went out on the porch to turn off the lights.  The decorative, white lights were shining up into the underside of the tree leaves, a beautiful sight from that angle.  It was absolutely quiet.  This is the gift, I thought.  I stood there, and I worshipped.  That was the miraculous gift.