Clouds #18 The Star


            “Stars aren’t clouds,” Beth said to Hattie; they sat on the front porch still chilly even though there was a nice fire in the fireplace. 

            “I know, stars aren’t clouds.  But, The Star, after all, it is Christmas time.  I want us to think about The Star of Bethlehem.”

            Beth, the more intellectual of the two girlfriends, added, “You know, Hattie, there are a lot of theories about that Star, what it was, where, when.  Some professors believe it was the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn which happens every 805 years, like in 7 B.C.  And, some think Mars conjoined in 6 B.C.”

            “It could have been a nova.  Doesn’t that mean “new?”  Hattie asked.  “Maybe God just made a new star for the occasion.” 

            “Or,” Beth added, “Zodical light which is the sun’s reflection on meteoric particles near the point of the sunset.”

            “You’re getting too scientific for me.  Where are you getting all these ideas?”* Besides,  I have my own idea, and it is a more miraculous idea than any of these.  Galatians 4:4 says, ‘But when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His Son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them ….’ so I think God created THE Star ‘in the beginning’.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit created all things.” (John 1:2-3 and Col. 1:16).

            “Well, back to The Star; I’d like to think God created it when all else was created, and that He set it in such a wide orbit, that it only reached Earth’s sky “in the fullness of time,” just at the right time for the Magi to see it and follow it.”

            Beth came back in to the conversation. “Well that’s a nice idea, but I suppose we’ll never really know.  The important thing to remember and to ponder is that God is a God of miracles.”