Meet our fictional Hattie and Beth and A Triangle of Blue


            I want you to meet my fictional characters, Hattie and Beth, two Christian girlfriends.  Why I picked the names Hattie and Beth, I don’t know; maybe because those bring back a childhood memory.  My grandfather and my step-grandmother often stayed at our house for part of the summer.  They had two old lady friends, retired nurses, named, yes you guessed it, Hattie and Beth.  They were fun and funny.   One day Hatti gave me a quarter, a very generous gift at my young age; then Beth gave me a quarter.  Receiving a quarter became a habit with each of their visits.  Hattie was the more boisterously fun of the two friends, and Beth was the quieter one.  Other than being loud or quiet, there is absolutely nothing similar between those old ladies and these fictional Christian girls.   Now, as you read dialogues between this Hattie and this Beth, you’ll start to understand their individual personalities and how they find fun and blessing in the simplicity of looking at the clouds.

            Hattie and Beth were sitting on the back porch looking at the cloudy sky and wondering if rain would spoil their boating plans.  Gray filled most of the sky though edged with white.  “If you look over there,” Hattie directed Beth with a pointing finger, “there’s a little spot of blue.  It’s a triangle.”

            “I don’t think there are any verses in the Bible about triangles,” Beth doubted.  By this time, Beth was use to her friend’s “sightings” and enjoyed the challenge of thinking of Bible verses brought to mind by the cloud shapes.

            “No, not triangle, Trinity,” Hattie answered as she stood excitedly.

            “I hate to spoil the moment,” Beth said, “but I don’t even think there is a verse about the Trinity.”

            Hattie at back in the rocking chair, “Oh.” After a moment, her strong voice replied, there is the concept of the Trinity.  Let’s look up the verses.”

            Beth started with, “I like to show people that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were all present at the creation of the universe.  If you look here in Genesis 1 verses 1 and 2 you find “God” creating, and the “Spirit” hovering.  Then, you have to go to John 1: 1-4 to find that Christ is the “Word” and the Word, Christ, was creating with God in the beginning.”

            “The concept of the Trinity, is amazing.  All working together, with different jobs to do, but unified in purpose and results.”

            “It is one of the marvelous mysteries of the faiths,” said Beth.  “We can never understand some things.”

            Hattie added.  “Remember that movie we saw last month?  The guy asked the Father and the Son and the Spirit, which one of them was really God.  And, they all answered at the same time, ‘I am’.  That was the best line in the whole story.” 

            The girls sat a few moments, quietly looking at the sky.  The blue triangle had glided into a streak was being overcome by darkness.  Then Hattie, piped up loudly, “Do you know why Trinity, Alabama is named Trinity?”

            “I suppose it is in honor of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,” Beth answered.

            “Nope.”  Hattie grinned at her friend.  “It’s because the town only had three buildings at first:  a train station, a post office, and a grocery store.  So, three.  Trinity.”

They’d get together another day for boating and cloud watching….and praising.