The Eye  

   “Look, Beth,” called out Hattie, “it’s an eye.”          

                        “What are you seeing, an “I” like the letter for me, or an “eye” that we see out of.”  Beth looked out through the windshield of the car.  Hattie had driven them to the post office.  (Yes, Hattie went to the post office more often that she would go to Publix.)       Beth continued, “Oh, I want to be grammatically correct, eye out of which we see.”

                         Hattie felt lucky that by that time the clouds had not shifted and blown into a different pattern.        “How about an “oculus?  I read about that; it’s a hole in the ceiling of the Pantheon in Rome.”  She pointed straight ahead to a blue oval surrounded by white clouds.  “Beth, the blue is the eye, not the clouds.”

                        “Got ya.  I see it now.  So, time to think about Bible verses with ‘eye’.”

                        Hattie started with, “I keep thinking of ‘His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.’, but that’s a song.  I think that was sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford; our older readers will remember him.”

                        “Let’s get home, read the mail over lunch, and then look up verses we can use to praise.”

      *          *          *

                        “Job says that God’s eye ‘sees every precious thing.’ And, later Job says that he has heard about God but now his ‘eye sees Thee, and….I….repent.’  Imagine, seeing God!”


                        Beth said, “I recall, ‘…no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him.’ In I Corinthians 2, Paul quotes Isaiah”.

                       “ I think he is talking about Heaven,” Hattie said. 

                        “And there’s the ‘speck in your brother’s eye,’ and the ‘log in your own eye.’ There is so much to think about here, Hattie.  Wow!  We really need to take time to ponder and praise God.  God sees us.  We cannot even comprehend what God has for us in the future.”

                        “And, that part about finding someone’s else’s faults and not even considering our own.  That’s heavy.”

                        Beth concluded with, “We’re going to have to look up these other verses later; there

            are more than 70 just listed in this concordance.”

                        Beth headed on home, and Hattie went out on the front porch and sat in a rocker.  She thought,


                                                Lord I need forgiveness.  I praise You.