Do You Know  &  Praising Through Clouds        Spring 2018,  #1 Just Desserts

 If you have been following these blogs, you know that I started last year with both.  During the winter, I wrote only the in-depth Bible questions.  Now that spring and summer are nearby, I’d like to go back and write Praising Through Clouds, again.

            If you are new to these blogs on the Central Park website, you might want to scroll down to the beginning; all of the blogs seem to be saved.  If you read the first three or so, you’ll understand how this all got started, and who Hattie and Beth are in the stories. 

            If you want to just start now, these two young ladies are Christian friends; Hattie is a bit eccentric; she’s the one who seeks pictures in the clouds. Beth is more well-grounded and keeps her on tract.  Enjoy!

*    *     *    

If you live out in the country, you go to town often.  There are a lot of clouds between here and there.  Hattie looked:  pancakes topped with meringue-tipped cream puffs a dozen of them all in a group.  Oh boy, she thought.  I know there are no Bible verses about pancakes and cream puffs.  Her first choice of help was to stop by Beth’s house on the way home.

Her best girlfriend, Beth, opened the door with one hand; in the other she held a half- eaten cupcake, some of its frosting on her lips.  “Hattie, hi.  I didn’t expect you today.  Is something wrong?”

“No.” answered Hattie, noticing Beth’s face, then entering without invitation.  “I just found some clouds with no verses.”

Beth laughed.  “No such thing, girlfriend. We’ll find some verses.”  With a worried look on her face, she sat down at the table, and Hattie joined her.

After Hattie explained the pancake and cream puffs clouds, Beth said, “You need to decide if you want this “Praising Through Clouds” to be about food or something else.  There are lots of examples of food in the Bible:  manna in the desert, and David with the shewbread, and wedding wine in Cana, there’s Ruth gathering grain, and the boy’s two little fish.”

“Have you heard the expression, a person ‘getting their just desserts’?”  Hattie looked eager to begin the Bible research.  “Let’s find Biblical people who got what they deserved.”

“OK,” said Beth, but remember YOU have to PRAISE through this.”

On the Internet, they found that a hundred years ago “just deserts,” (No, not the sandy kind.) was changed to “just desserts” to less confuse pronunciation; it does mean to get what one deserves.

The girls decided to think of Bible stories where this was true.  Beth jumped right in with her first thought.  “What about Samson and Delila?  We are told Samson’s stories in Judges    13-16.  He lost his hair, his strength, and finally his life because he went “harloting” in Gaza, and then he went to Sorek and loved the Philistine Delilah, and he lied to save himself.  When he lost his strength, he prayed, ‘Oh Lord God… strengthen me only this once, that I may be avenged.’  Then, he was given the strength to make the house fall on his enemies, but he was also killed.”

“I suppose he got what he deserved, though I think that is a bit harsh,” said Hattie.

Beth tried again. “Well then, Cain; he killed his brother.  God banished him and said in Genesis 4:11-13, that Cain was then cursed.  ‘You shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.’”

Hattie spoke up, “Wait a minute.  We’re looking at this all wrong.  What about the thief on the cross.  He even said that he got what he deserved, but that Jesus had done nothing wrong.  Look here in Luke 23:41, ‘And we indeed justly; for we are receiving the due reward of our deeds; but this man has done nothing wrong.’”

Beth quipped, “That was unjust desserts.  Oops, sorry.”  After she stopped blushing, Beth added, “We need to worship through what Christ did for us.”

Hattie stood. She and Beth held hands, and Hattie prayed.  “We love you Lord Jesus.  Innocent.  Thank you so much for your sacrifice.  For dying for us, for taking our just desserts.  For setting us free.”