Which Witch?


Do you know where the best Halloween story in the Bible is found?

            Now don’t get upset; think back to when we were kids—it was a fun time.  Nowadays it has changed a lot, and adults have evolved the holiday into one more evil in nature.  Originally, Halloween or Hallowed Evening was religious, the evening before All Saints’ Day, November 1st.  But, let’s get back to the witch. 

            Look up I Samuel 28: starting in verse 3; it’s the story of the Witch of Endor.  Main characters are:  the witch, King Saul, and God’s prophet Samuel, but he’s dead.  Saul had outlawed witches and wizards; Samuel had died; the Philistines had gathered to make war against Israel; and the Lord had not answer Saul’s prayers.  So, under the circumstances, King Saul took things into his own hands and asked his servant to find him a medium--a witch!  Saul disguised himself and went to the witch of Endor, but she hesitated, knowing the law, and fearing for her life if she were to conjure up a dead soul.  Saul assured her no harm would come to her.  He requested Samuel. When the witch saw Samuel coming to her, she then recognized King Saul.  And, he recognized Samuel.

            Of course, Samuel was upset that he had been disturbed, but Saul explains his problems and asks for advice.  Samuel tells him in so many words, ‘Well, … if you had obeyed God in the first place…..’  Then Samuel shares the facts.  Saul gets more than he bargained for:  God has turned away from you; He is going to give your kingdom to David; the Lord will give Israel into the hands of the Philistines.  Then, the final blow, and tomorrow you and your sons will be dead!

            Saul was so terrified, he fell to the ground.  Even so, the witch showed hospitality to the King and made food for him to strengthen him on his return trip.  Now, if you read down in Ch. 31:1-7, you’ll find all that Samuel had predicted came true.  To make matters worse, in verses 8 to the end, Saul is beheaded by his enemies, and his body is nailed to the city wall.

            What lessons can we learn from this “witch” story?  Obey God.  Obey the laws.  Do not even dabble in witchcraft.  But, do continue to show hospitality.  The Scripture doesn’t say, but I think the witch packed up her tent and moved on out of the area. 

            Use this Halloween time to share this story with family and emphasize to your listeners the importance of obeying God.  Enjoy the candy.