Do you know what is discussed in Jude? Part 2

Not often is there a sermon or Bible study lesson on Jude which was written about 125 A.D.  Some of the content is difficult.  But let’s look at the greeting.  As we mentioned before, if Jude is the brother of James who is the brother of Jesus, then Jude would also be the brother of Jesus.  Imagine, we as believers, are beloved of God, and we are kept in his care.  God provides mercy, peace, and love.  How much we need those qualities. 

            In verse 3 we find that Jude changed his mind about what to write, or God impressed upon him to deal with another issue.  Rather than our common salvation, Jude writes about apostate persons coming into the congregations.   Some people distort doctrine to fit their own desires.  Skip down to verse 8, these pagans “defile the flesh, reject authority, and revile the glorious ones.” Could you recognize a false teacher today?  I’d probably call them a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  (Also read Matthew 7:15-20.)  What are some false beliefs?  For example:  There is no hell.  If there were a hell, God is a loving God, and He wouldn’t send anyone to hell. What happens to false teachers as in Galatians 1:8-9, they are to be accursed.                            

            In verses 5, 6, and 7, Jude discusses three different past events.  In verse 5 Jude tells of God saving His people from Egypt, though they later disobeyed Him.  Remember, the blood on the doorposts is foreshadowing Christ’s shed blood for us. Verse 6 says some of the angels fell into sin and were punished.  (More on this topic later.)  In verse 7, the sin of the flesh is avenged and punished.  Genesis 19:1-2 says Lot’s guests in Sodom were angels.  (Here is another difficult topic of discussion for later.)  At any rate, these three examples are reminders to us to OBEY God.