#15 Jude Content con’t


            We continue in Jude with verses 8-10.  Much of what Jude writes comes from other original sources used at that time, but not included in the Canon.  In a Jewish apocryphal book, “The Assumption of Moses,” now lost, Satan argues with the archangel Michael, wanting to claim Moses’ body, saying his body was matter and he, Satan, ruled matter.  However, God created matter.  Secondly, he reminds the archangel that Moses was a murderer, so therefore Satan should have Moses’ body.  Michael left the decision up to God.  (Other references regarding Satan and angels:  Dan. 10:13 and Zech. 3:1-3.)

            Verse 11; Cain, Balaam, Korah.  In Gen. 4:8 ff; Cain murders his brother Abel and is cursed to be a fugitive, v. 11 ff; Cain became the father of Enoch, v. 17.  As for Balaam, there are a couple of different accounts.  He was asked to curse the Israelites, and though he tried to refuse, reward lured him, and while riding with the princes of Moab, his donkey saw an angel and the donkey spoke.  Num. Chapters 22-24. Do you know who Korah is?   Numbers 16:1 ff, Korah and others rose up against Moses and Aaron v. 30 ff.  God opened the earth and swallowed them up.  (Also see Num. 26:9-10.)

            Are you beginning to see what Jude is trying to tell us with all of these examples?  OBEY God.

            Now we turn to a bit of poetry.  In verses 12-13, why do these examples have no value?  Referring again to false prophets and teachers, here is another test in identifying such.  They are like:  clouds without water; trees with withered fruit; raging waves; wandering stars.  Ponder on these.