The Crown of Righteousness


        This crown is not to be confused with Christ’s righteousness which comes to the believer, as a free gift, at the time of salvation.  The Crown of Righteousness can be earned by believers.       I Timothy 4:8.  Do you look forward to the second coming of Christ; do you love His returning?  We probably agree that the end is closer to us than the beginning.  Jesus promises to come back; we are to look forward to and to wait for this event. 

            We need to pray for  His comingRev. 22:20.  We need to be patient, as we wait for His coming.  James 5:7-8Most of all we need to be ready for His coming?  How can we be ready?  First of all, be sure of your salvation through faith in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. He paid for our sin.  Read Matthew 24:36-47.  Secondly, be doing what He has asked you to do.  This can be in general for all Christians, such as love your neighbor.  Or, it can be specific to you, such as do the dishes and laundry, and write a column for your church newsletter.  If we are faithfully living and doing what He asks, we can be sure we will be ready. 

            Paul says, fight the good fight, finish the course, keep the faith.  Run the race for the reward in Christ Jesus.  As you wait and work, how often do you actually think about the second coming of Christ?  Do you think the time is near?  Are you ready?  How can you specifically help family members and friends to be ready?