The Crown of Glory



        We’ve finally gotten to the crown that is specified for those Christians of a certain calling.  Did you find out to whom this refers?   This reward is for the “faithful, obedient, God-called pastor.”  I Peter 5:2-4 tells us that when the Good Shepherd comes He will reward the pastors who tend well their flocks and set a good example for their followers.   Could this mean that some “clergy” might not receive this reward?  Yes, I think so.  Constraint, repression, wrong motive, shameful gain, being domineering, these are qualities that should be found nowhere near a pastor.  Fortunately, many people who are called by God to be pastors, preachers, prophets, evangelists, are faithful and obedient. 

            And, we can maybe share in this crown?  Matt. 10:40-41 tells us that that anyone who “receives” (accepts what is freely given, is responsive to, is amenable to, supports, listens to, believes) can share in this reward. 

            How can a pastor earn this crown?  1.  By feeding the flock—proclaiming the Word without fear or favor and when necessary “…reproving, rebuking, exhorting with longsuffering and doctrine.”      II Tim. 4:2      2.  Being the spiritual overseer and leader of the flock, not dictating, but pleasing Christ.     3.  Being a good example.    4.  Walking with God by faith.

            What can we do, as believing members of the congregation, for our pastor?  1.  Pray for your pastor.    2.  Encourage him in his work for the Lord.    3.  Give tithes and offerings.    4.  Give your time in service to the Lord through your church.  

            With this mutually advantageous partnership between pastor and member, both can earn the Crown of Glory.

            Finally, next week we’ll learn what we actually do with these crowns which Christ gives to us for our good service to Him.