Did You Know? "Kingdomtide"

The Ordinary Times


            Do you know what “the ordinary times are?  Another name for this time of year is “Kingdomtide.”  This is the time of year between the major Christian celebrations; it is summertime.  It is the time between Pentecost (the 50 days after Easter) and thru to Advent (the month preceding Christmas.)  These are the days for living out our faith.  No holidays to prepare for, no extra shopping, a time for a change of pace, and bit of relaxation.  We are still in Kingdomtide up til about Thanksgiving, so here are some organized, real-life, ideals and characteristics that Jesus wants you to develop.  These are not suggestions, these are (Imperatives) commands.  All of the following are found in Hebrews chapters 12 and 13.  Rank yourself on how well you think you do on each item.  Next time I’ll add more scripture verses to back up these Christ-given imperatives. 

From Hebrew 12

Verse 11 Accept discipline.  Wow, what a one to start with!

14  Pursue peace.

15  Avoid bitterness.

16 Be moral.

17 Repent while you still can.

25 Accept Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

28 Thank God for your salvation.

28 Worship. Serve. Be reverent and in awe.

How are you doing so far?  Ready for Chapter 13?

Verse 1 Continue in brotherly love.

2 Show hospitality.

3 Remember those in prison.

4 Hold marriage sacred.

5 Don’t love money, be content.

6 Don’t be afraid.

7 Remember your leaders and follow their good example.

9 Hold on to correct doctrine.

13 Be willing to endure abuse for Christ’s sake.

14b Have hope in Heaven.

15  Praise God in your speech.

16 Do good.  Share.

17 Obey the authorities.

18 Pray.

21 Be equipped to do God’s will.

22 Welcome words of exhortation.

24 Greet all the believers.