Casting Crowns

We’ve looked at what the Bible says about the five crowns we can earn as rewards from Jesus for our service to Him.  What do we do with these crowns as we approach the Throne in Heaven?  There is very little Scripture to explain this, but we need to look at Revelation 4:4 and 4:10-11.  There are 24 elders with crowns on their heads, and they cast their crowns in front of Christ’s throne, and they worship Him.  (Let me put a disclaimer here:  we need to be sure we don’t necessarily get our theology from hymns carols, or choruses:  “casting crowns.”  Some hymn lyrics are right on theologically, but others are misleading or are based on legend; for example, “We three kings of Orient are…”)                                                                                                              Many Bible scholars interpret the 24 elders as representing all Christian believers.  This makes sense since most of us will have crowns, or at least one crown, to present to the King of Kings when we kneel before Him.  However, we won’t need crowns in Heaven.  There is one King of all Kings, one Lord of all Lords, one perfect sacrifice—God the Son.  He is the only one who will be entitled to wear a crown in Heaven.  Our crowns represent our service to our Lord, so we give them as a gift to Him.  Our crowns are our thank you to Him for all He has done for us, not only our salvation, but our justification, and our sanctification, day by day, during our earthly life.           As I was reading this passage in a different Bible, I notice that midway in these Scriptures, around verse 9, the tense of the verbs changes from past to present.  Much of the beginning of chapter 4 is description, but using the present tense indicates that the casting of crowns and the praise is now, and continues always.  In Heaven, we always praise.  Jesus Christ only is worthy.  Let’s begin our praise here and now.