Some Characteristics of God

Do You Know?   Let’s start the New Year with a couple of items for pondering.   Do you know, or have you ever heard of, the two brothers Joseph and Richard Alleine?  The following thoughts are theirs. 

Some Characteristics of God

--from Heaven Opened, by Joseph Alleine and Richard Alleine

pp. 106-108 No Publication Information

(Joseph Alleine, the more prominent, lived for only 34 years in the mid-1600s in England.)

1.      My eternity shall be the date of your happiness. I am the eternal God, and while I am, I will be life and blessedness to you.

2.       My unchangeableness shall be the rock of your rest. When all the world is like the tumbling ocean round about you, here you may fix and settle.

3.      My omnipotence shall be your guard. I am God Almighty, your Protector and your Benefactor.

4.      My faithfulness shall be your security. My truth you will (never come off losers by Me.) reworded

5.      My mercies shall be your store. I am the Father of mercies, and such a Father I will be to you.

6.      My omniscience shall be your overseer. My eyes shall be ever open, observing your wants to relieve them and your wrongs to avenge them.

7.      My wisdom shall be your counsellor. If any lack wisdom, let him ask of Me, and it shall be given him. I will be your deliverer and a light to you.

8.      My justice shall be your avenger and rewarder. Fear not to approach; fury is not in Me.

9.      My omnipresence shall be company for you. Surely, I will be with you, to bless you.

10.  My holiness shall be a fountain of grace to you. I am the God of hope, the God of love, the God of patience, the author and finisher of faith, the God of all grace, and I will be grace to you.

11.  My sovereignty shall be commanded by you. You shall be My favorites…all My attributes shall be at the command of your prayers.