#9 Do You Know Much about the First part of Revelation and the 7 Churches of Revelation?


How about a quiz?  Here are the churches:  Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea.


1.      Which two churches received no negatives from Christ?

2.      Which one church received no positives from Christ?

3.      In Revelation 2:1, what does Christ hold in His right hand?  Theologians believe these items represent what?

4.      In the midst of what does Christ walk?  Theologians believe these represent what?

5.      In Rev. 1:8, Christ says He is the Alpha and Omega.   Do you know how to write these 2 Greek letters?

6.      A few in Sardis are worthy; they shall walk with Jesus in garments of what color?

7.      The church of Philadelphia has kept His Word, and has not denied Him; Jesus sets before them an_____ _____.

8.      Many names are given to Christ Jesus in these verses; at the end of the Thyatira rebuke, Jesus says He will give the faithful few what heavenly body?  One of His names refers to this.  At one conference, it was suggested that we pick one of the attributes of God and focus on that as part of our worship.  I picked “Light.”  Well, my name means light.  The church in which I grew up had a stained glass window of the “Light of the World” by Holman.  I was able later to see the original oil painting in Oxford at Keble College.  Jesus is standing, holding a lantern, knocking on a closed door.

9.      What is one problem the early churches had that churches today do not have?

10.  Which of these 7 churches is your own church most like?  Are there areas in which you personally need to improve?


10  Do You Know?  Do You Know I didn’t give answers to the last blog about the churches in Revelation?  So, here are the answers.  Additionally, we are trying to find a way you can reply to the blogs; I’d love to hear from you.                                                                                           

            1. Smyrna and Philadelphia  2. Laodicea   3. Stars, pastors   4. Lampstands, churches    5. Alpha, Omega    6. White      7. Open door   8. Morning star (Jesus)  What characteristic of God did you choose?   9. Several answers but one might be very little N. T. Scripture in written form  10. Your own answers


Do You Know what three types of writing are used in Revelation? 

A. Letters (to the churches)  B.  Prophecy, God given revelation, and   C. Apocalyptic writing which uses symbols, word pictures, and describes a cosmic struggle.